Through the Raindrops 3

This is an original Sonya Vine painting, acrylic on paper, 5"x5".  It is unframed and comes in an off-white mount that will fit an 8" x 8" frame.  Signed and dated by the artist on the back, and will be signed in pencil on one corner on the front.   IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN A FRAME WITH THIS, DO GET IN TOUCH (£125 in frame).


My Inspiration

This is one of those 'let's see where it goes' paintings, always enjoyable to do.  It started off with a few marks, this lovely coral colour, then people appeared walking through the space.  As with my other raindrop paintings (do check them out), I added the raindrops over the top to make it feel like a memory.  I like the juxtaposition (yes I just said that word) of the loose scene and the focussed raindrops.



Free delivery within the UK.  £15 everywhere else.  It will be in a cellophane envelope, wrapped in tissue paper and sent  in an A4 hard-backed envelope.


Do get in contact if you have any questions, thank you!

Through the Raindrops 3