This is the first book that I've illustrated and it's coming out soon (in time for Christmas 2020).  A complete departure from my usual style but lots of fun to do.  Watch this space for more info!


by Salema Cornick

illustrated by Sonya Vine

This delightful and humorous collection of illustrated Bible verses will encourage, guide, comfort and empower you in your walk with God.  While the simple illustrations are drawn with warmth and a sense of fun, you will quickly fin yourself drawn into the uplifting message of God's grace and love.

"The easiest, most fun Bible reader I have ever seen."  Jeremy Vine

"This is a great little book.  Beautiful bible verses with very clever and quirky illustrations.  Wish I'd thought of it myself."  Tim Vine

Published by Onwards & Upwards

©2019 Sonya Vine