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My Story in bullet points...

  • I have a 2:1 BA Hons degree in Fine Art Painting from Cheltenham College of Art 

  • I did a post-graduate in acting at Academy of Live and Recorded Arts and, for about ten years, the two careers of art and acting went hand in hand.  There were a few years when painting wasn't forefront of my mind but I saw it as the faithful partner that would always be there and, whenever I came back to it, there it was waiting patiently for me to pick up my brush again. 

  • I live in the UK with my husband and two children in Haslemere, a little town in deepest Surrey, 40 miles south of London.

  • My studio is in the loft and I enjoy my commute up the wooden ladder. 

  • I like crosswords, typewriters, record players, lindy hop dancing and 1940's music.

  • But most of all, I love painting.

I've always been inspired by strong light and snapshots of people in their everyday life. 

I get particularly lit up when the two are put together and silhouettes of figures become evocative images that hint at the story going on beneath the surface.  There's so much to be found in the little moments and I want to capture the feeling in a scene - joy, warmth, hope, nostalgia, fondness, love, all the good stuff - whether it be in the connection between people or in quiet quality time spent alone.

I'm also drawn to melancholy, like a beautiful song in a minor key.

A solitary figure looking pensive or an old lady carrying her shopping can really tug on my heartstrings and I want to translate that into paint. I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings and that some of them pull on your heartstrings too.